First of all tummy tuck recovery is different for everyone. The recovery depends on the age of the individual, the health, the lifestyle and the weight to begin with.

It is very important for the person to plan ahead the time needed for healing after the surgery. Make the proper arrangement for transportation if drains are left on and have to be removed.

Wearing an abdominal binder for about six weeks will also be a factor, doctors recommended to prevent fluid buildup and for abdomen support.

Along with the home care it is also recommended that you incorporate lymphatic drainage massage that can help the body continue flushing lymph fluids, prevent fibrosis from forming. Reduce scar visibility. Clients say that with the post surgical massage they feel that they are able to start regaining feeling on the abdomen, able to start back on their day to day routine.

Tummy tuck during post surgical therapy

During the post surgical massage, micro current with the Dolphin Neurostim is applied following Acupuncture protocol to ease client to be relaxed and reducing the scars to facilitate the lymph fluid movement by breaking down the adhesion in the area.

Once micro current is applied, it is followed by the lymphatic drainage therapy that’s applied with the Lymphstar Pro Fusion equipment. Mimicking the lymph flow movement helps the body flush toxins from the muscle, and surgery area. It is very important that the client continues to drink water to better assist the body flush fluids after each session and before the next sessions.

Be assured that the therapy we provide is tolerable and effective and helpful during the recovery period of 6 to 12 months. For more information please visit us at Lymphatic Massage Florida.