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TRINITY - $537

BIOMEDIS TRINITY enhances body functions and systems (nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, excretory, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, immune), it improves working capacity of organs, prevents premature aging, maintains natural balance.

The work of BIOMEDIS TRINITY is natural and does not create anything unfamiliar or atypical for our body and mind. There is 100% secure and patented technology used.

actiway deviceACTIWAY -$292

This device is recommended for maintaining health and normal functioning of all organs and body systems. This a smaller version of the Trinity with three frequencies at a time.

Studies have shown that the background rhythm of the Earth serves as a reference signal to the brain, affecting the pineal gland, providing regulation of biorhythms of endocrine functions and metabolism of the organism.

*Attention! The device is contraindicated in the presence of an implantable pacemaker.

zenway deviceZENWAVE - $391

ZENWAVE device is the synthesis of two innovative technologies - Bioland and Zenlight.

Bioland - is the earth's electromagnetic version in this device.

Zenlight - Is exercising for improvement of mental capabilities.

Synchronization with the natural background of the Earth supports the most productive human brain rhythms, which correspond to the state of shallow meditation.


Using technology that helps restore and harmonize all meridians and neutralize radioactive harmful, while at the same time providing electromagnetic field protection.

BIOSKY red photonic crystal is tuned to ‘three heaters-pericardium’ meridian and:

  • coordinates the activity of all internal organs, eliminates energy imbalance between the organs;
  • affects the endocrine and nervous system;
  • affects the activity of intelligence, helps to normalize the processes of the brain;
  • regulates psycho-emotional activity;
  • regulates the emotional sphere of a sexual nature;
  • is a conductor of innate energy.

Using technology that helps restore and harmonize all meridians and neutralize radioactive harmful, while at the same time providing electromagnetic field protection.

BIOSKY violet photonic crystal is tuned to ‘Heart-small intestine’ meridian and it:

  • regulates the work of heart and small intestine;
  • provides normal regulation of blood circulation in organs and tissues;
  • regulates higher nervous activity (consciousness, thinking, emotions);
  • regulates sweating;
  • affects the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients, absorbency of food;
  • due to the regulation of the small intestine, it supports healthy immunity.

Using technology that helps restore and harmonize all meridians and neutralize radioactive harmful, while at the same time providing electromagnetic field protection.

Biosky photonic crystal – yellow is set for the ‘Stomach-spleen’ meridian and it:

  • regulates the work of stomach, pancreas and spleen;
  • affects the lymphatic system;
  • affects muscles and adipose tissue;
  • provides high-quality digestion and nutrients intake;
  • improving pancreatic function affects lipid metabolism and insulin production;
  • affects the endocrine system;
  • regulates the work of the spleen, which is responsible for filtering blood and lymph, formation of lymphocytes, production of antibodies.

Disclaimer: Any and all information are for educational purposes only. It is by no means meant to be taken as medical advice or replacement for medical care. None of the products on this website are intended as a diagnosis, treatment, cure or proven to prevent any disease. You should never change or stop taking any medication unless you have discussed the situation with your medical practitioner.

Rolnier RojasRolnier Rojas
20:05 26 Oct 21
I had an amazing experience at this place today. I had a BBL one week ago and after been there I scheduled a package, I had no pain at all, the massages were amazing.
Sandy RSandy R
23:42 15 Aug 21
Maryuri helped me eliminate swelling resulting from a sluggish lymphatic system. Prolonged chronic stress and my body’s response to a vaccination had caused swelling in my lymph nodes and the right side of my body was retaining fluid to the point of discomfort. After 6 sessions with Maryuri the swelling finally subsided. I had seen several specialists prior to seeing her that were unable to identify or treat the problem.Maryuri also recommended access consciousness therapy to help release grief that had prolonged chronic stress. It was amazing for me to observe the memories, and feelings my body had recorded. Equally powerful, was the ability to release them. I had grieved a loved one for more than a year and a half. Through access consciousness I was finally able to let go of the sadness by understanding on a mental, spiritual and physical level that holding on to grief was not the same as expressing loyalty toward my loved one. I was also able to let go of hurt from past romantic relationships and finally opened up to meeting someone new.
Ashley HaganAshley Hagan
21:52 15 Aug 21
Marjorie is absolutely amazing, very knowledgeable on all aspects of message. I came to her specifically for post surgical, manual lymphatic drainage message, two times a year apart! I trust her techniques and how she can help heal my body from the inside out! She is caring and very thoughtful and also listens to my concerns. She is the best in the biz!
Dorcas TrocheDorcas Troche
21:51 15 Aug 21
Maryuri has changed my life. She is an amazing professional. She takes the time to get to know the client and goes above and beyond. Her service is exceptional.
Lisa ParkerLisa Parker
19:33 05 Jun 21
Margie is truly a special person. She really cares and makes an environment of peace and calm by her own zen and using special devices. She has magic hands and uses different modalities depending what your needs are at that moment. I am post op facial cosmetic surgery and came to her for lymphatic massage and I leave looking and feeling better every time. She also gives very good advice. I would not use anyone else. She is always learning, and I really like that. If you are surgical patient, you should definitely see Margie, you will be happy you did.