Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field Therapy

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy?

My many years of using my hands, arms and body after 22 years has me now experiencing joint pains.  The same pains I have treated my clients for years, Tendinitis and Tenosynovitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Overuse Syndrome to mention some.

In my extensive research for ongoing treatments, I discovered PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field).  Not a new modality, but actually something that has been around for many years.

PEMF is a form of recharging your cells by increasing and promotes the movement of ions and electrolytes. Supports cellular metabolism, increases ATP production and aids the the body's own natural healing.

PEMF therapy can be used by almost anyone to help with almost any condition or problem. Because magnetic fields affect us on a cellular level, they are not condition-specific. Studies on PEMF therapy has shown that it decreases inflammation, increase circulation, enhance muscle function, speeds up bone healing, reduce the effects of stress, and improve blood oxygenation, among a myriad of other things.

The PEMF machine is high powered, but it generates low frequency energy. The strength of the electromagnetic field is comparable to the natural electromagnetic field of the earth.


For more videos on studies with PEMF  and its benefits visit at:



What are some of the conditions that can be treated with PEMF:

  • Faster recovery from wounds
  • Accelerated workout and sports recovery
  • Less muscle loss post-surgery
  • Better circulation and blood flow
  • Greater range of motion
  • Lower inflammation
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Alzheimer's Disease


• If you have an implanted electronic device including: pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear hearing device, spinal stimulator, etc.

• If you are pregnant

• If you are actively bleeding, hemorrhaging or during a heavy menstruation

May be used alone or as an add - on to the other therapies we provide.

30 Minutes - $45


How to incorporate PEMF in your life as

Combining massage with PEMF                  

Using PEMF before a massage therapy helps the client in general and also helps to relax the muscles.  It relaxes and detoxifies the muscles when using PEMF consistently, due to the cumulative physical effects of keeping stress levels to a minimum.

By using the PEMF before lymphatic drainage therapy, it helps to open up the lymph vessels for better results.

The PEMF therapy helps to mechanically stimulate the lymphatic vessels and waste products are flushed away from the cells more efficiently. PEMF therapy supports immune health by mechanically stimulating lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

The PEMF was designed to help clean and repair all lymph issues. It supports lymph flow and may also open up blocked or scarred lymph tissue. It may also be used to help with swollen legs or arms.

Ways to build up your immune system:

  • Get eight hours of sleep – Sleep deprivation can have detrimental effects on the immune system.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol – A glass of wine or a bottle of beer will harm you, but too much of it will weaken your immune system.
  • Eat nutritious foods – Eat a diverse diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes.
  • Spend time outside – Sunlight promotes the production of vitamin D, which impacts the immune system positively.
  • Use PEMF therapy – PEMF therapy has very beneficial effects on the immune system, as numerous studies prove.


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