Lymphatic Treatment on Throat Cancer

It is stressful enough getting a cancer diagnosis, and add to that the residual of undergoing chemotherapy. A case I am working on is just that, male over 50 years of age. Grateful he discovered this ailment after going for a second opinion when a lymph node swelled on his left side of the throat.

Diagnosed last October with throat cancer in an area removing mass was impossible. Instead Doctor radiated chemotherapy to the swollen gland between throat tissue and tonsils.

Swollen lymph nodes on throat and tonsil

Once results came back, that area was free of cancer cells, doctor recommended lymphatic drainage to help reduce swelling in affected area. Our first approach was to apply micro current to calm the nervous system, followed by acupuncture protocols to lymph system, throat, tonsils and etc…

Treatment that followed was with the Lymphstar to apply lymphatic technology to directly work down to the cellular level. Body cells recognizing the vibration mimicking the lymph flow along with the ozone gas for anti inflammatory effects. To help move the fluid, manual massage is applied to the area. Something we don’t neglect is the rest of the body since the lymph system covers the whole body in the process of detoxification.

To this date, 12 one hour sessions (30-40 minutes) on the swollen area have been completed. Unable to determine how many more may be necessary to get to the final stage, since it’s determined by the body’s response to the treatment. It is always recommended that client follow self care at home between treatments and change of lifestyle is a must.

Some tips we give client is to exercise, making body sweat is very good to flush toxins out . Infrared sauna, epsom salt baths, castor oil pack , dry skin brushing and a method of reducing stress, anxiety while body heals. can’t emphasize enough the importance of water, and if possible alkaline preferably.

My recommendation is to get to a massage therapist, one specialized in lymphatic drainage therapy as a preventive measure. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence if we are proactive ahead of time, and in the event that’s not avoidable let’s get all the tools available to confront it. For more information visit us at, Lymphatic Massage Florida.