New Year's Resolution 2020

As we head to the closing of 2019, looking in general how the year was, my thoughts to close it is not the typical list of what to change or what to add to my life. This time around I want to emphasize the growth, the opportunities Life has given ..Continue Reading

Treating Earache With Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Earache, in most cases is pain in the inner or outer ear that may interfere with ability to hear, often caused by excess fluid and infection. Common cause are: tight headwear sleeping on hard surface poor fitting headphones extensive use of airpods grinding teeth, TML throat infections sinus infections due ..Continue Reading

Broccoli Immune System Booster

Broccoli Immune System Booster

A study done at Berkeley recommends to eat more broccoli to strengthen your immune system. If your body has a strong protective shield it can avoid getting all kind of nasty diseases. The substance after the broccoli is broken down in the digestive system is good for fighting breast and ..Continue Reading

What Are Different Types Of Massages Available?

In my more than 18 years as a licensed massage, I have been exposed and trained in different modalities, but the closest to my heart is deep effleurage, and for the last 14 years alongside is lymphatic Drainage therapy. Ever wonder which of the many types of massages advertised is ..Continue Reading