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The human body is an amazing machine that is capable of experiencing enormous unimaginable emotions, intuitive to the feelings of those around us and moving and interacting with our environments and others in a variety of ways. Most humans are unaware of how much more our body is capable of.  When the body is harmonious, it has the innate ability to heal itself.

Observing the law of nature is what guided us to provide a haven for those seeking to improve their wellbeing.  As part of being a medical massage practice, we provide treatments to improve overall health.  We work close hand in hand with health professionals when it comes to lifestyle changes, nutrition, and also with those that have undergone medical surgeries. Whether you have experienced liposuction, tummy tuck, breast implants, CoolSculpting or just need to detoxify your system from anesthesia, prescriptions post-surgical, we provide a treatment that gives you immediate results. We treat male and female of all ages, professions and need. Lymphatic drainage helps reduce swelling due to fluid retention when the lymphatic nodes are too sluggish to flush the toxins out of the body.

What makes us stand out is not just our specialty as lymphatic drainage therapist, but also the fact that our services don't overlap each other, we focus on individual treatment that are customized to the specific need of each client.  We don't hold a large staff in order to address the need of each case I receive calls, text or emails from.

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Detox and boost your immune system naturally.

Detox and boost your immune system naturally.

Revitalize your senses and refresh your mind!

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a type of modality  that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. A natural process performed by licensed massage therapists.

The fluid in the lymphatic system aids to remove waste and toxins from the body's tissues. Some health conditions can cause lymph fluid to build up. Lymphatic drainage massages can benefit people with lymphedema, fibromyalgia , and other conditions.  More...

Reduce pain, swelling, prevent lumps after surgery.

Recommend after any medical procedure both men & women

post-surgical massage is a gentle form of massage that increases blood flow and promotes recovery by targeting the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps process waste and absorbs fluids. After surgery, these fluids can harden, which is often painful.

To this modality we combine it with lymphatic enhancement therapy which includes the use of Lymphstar Pro to enhance the lymphatic movement, the Crystal LymphWaves Laser and in some cases we apply microcurrent (Dolphin Stim)to reduce scars and adhesions that blocks lymph flow, and manual massages known as Lypossage™. More...

Reduce pain, swelling, prevent lumps after surgery.

Reduce inflammation and pain with electromagnetic pulses.

The PEMF was designed to help clean and repair all lymph issues. It supports lymph flow and may also open up blocked or scarred lymph tissue. It may also be used to help with swollen legs or arms.

PEMF is a form of recharging your cells by increasing and promotes the movement of ions and electrolytes. Supports cellular metabolism, increases ATP production and aids the the body's own natural healing.  More..

Radiant Skin from the Inside Out

It is known that every woman wants to have flawless skin, some factors are unavoidable such as growing age, unhealthy eating habits, and stress can significantly impact the overall looks. With some non-invasive procedures there's still ways to prolong the youthful looking skin and personality.

By stimulating the facial skin on a regular basis it creates a considerable positive impact on blood circulation. It is important to have higher blood circulating in the facial region for blushing red skin without dark circles and black spots.  More...

Our focus and hopes is for you to make the choice to take care of your health with holistic services.  In order to improve your health, studies shows that treatments have to be consistent. In order to ease the financial stress  and maintain a better lifestyle by incorporating continual treatments, we have created packages at great prices for your convenience. We encourage you to make bodywork, and therapeutic massages part of your health routine. You will notice immediate and long term benefits if massage therapy is included in your wellness routine.

Consistent, consecutive massage sessions gives us the massage therapist a chance to learn your body and areas that need attention. Working out problem spots is best achieved when the same therapist focuses on the area during multiple sessions.

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