Benefits of Vitamin B12

Benefits of vitamin B12.☑️Produces energy.☑️Regulates nervous system.☑️Healthy digestive system.☑️Healthy skin, hair and nails.☑️Protects against cancer. #vitaminb12 #digestivesystem #skin #nails #nails #cancer #nervoussystem

Hernia Mesh Complications

Hernia mesh, or surgical mesh, is a medical device that supports damaged tissue around hernias as it heals. The surgeons place the mesh across the area surrounding the hernia, it is attached with stitches, staples or glue. Hernia mesh it is known to be used in 1 million surgeries annually ..Continue Reading

Drinking Lemon Water Benefits

Why starting your day with Lemon Water is important:Fresh breath.Improves digestión.Better hydration.Boost energy levels.Makes immune system stronger.Prevents cough and colds.Clears skin.Inflammation relief.Regulates PH levels.Steady weight loss.Sharpens the brain’s function.Reduces the risk of cancer. lemonwater #detoxyourbody #cancer #alkaline #digestion #freshbreath #boostimmunesystem #boostenergy #betterskin #weightloss #inflammationrelief

Dry Skin Brushing Lymph Flow

No time for a lymphatic drainage therapy to reduce inflammation? Our body is plagued by toxins daily from the food we eat, the products we put on our body like cosmetics, perfumes, the environment in our house, outside in the streets and every building we go into. Toxins are also ..Continue Reading

Foot Reflexology Better Sleep

Now @lymphatic_massage_florida we are also providing #footreflexology for that deep, organ therapy. Can be an add on or full session. #footmassage #reflexologymassage #relaxation #improvesbloodflow #sleepbetter #bodypains #reduceswelling #massagetherapist

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits

Assist your lymphatic fluid movement with a 5 minutes dry skin brushing. #lymphaticdrainage #lymphaticdrainagemassage #lymphedema #lymphaticsystem #reduceswelling #postsurgery #massagetherapist #lymphnodes #mastectomy #neckliposuction #liposuction #breastimplants #breastreduction

New Year’s Resolution 2020

As we head to the closing of 2019, looking in general how the year was, my thoughts to close it is not the typical list of what to change or what to add to my life. This time around I want to emphasize the growth, the opportunities Life has given ..Continue Reading

Post Liposuction Massage Benefits

Once your body has gone through the effects of anesthesia, and the effects of the liposuction be prepared for the way the area treated will feel. Keep in mind, you’ll feel pain after the procedure. Recovery can also be painful. Depending on what parts of the body require liposuction, you may have a shorter or longer ..Continue Reading

Broccoli Immune System Booster

Broccoli Immune System Booster

A study done at Berkeley recommends to eat more broccoli to strengthen your immune system. If your body has a strong protective shield it can avoid getting all kind of nasty diseases. The substance after the broccoli is broken down in the digestive system is good for fighting breast and ..Continue Reading