Lymphatic Massage of Florida Wellness Center

As we head to the closing of 2019, looking in general how the year was, my thoughts to close it is not the typical list of what to change or what to add to my life. This time around I want to emphasize the growth, the opportunities Life has given me to not only change myself from the inside out, but also to change the focus of my business. This year I went through the inventory of my career as a massage therapists since 2001,and realized that my focus and requests has been the health improvement after Plastic surgery and also how to improve the immune system and prevent dis-ease with lymphatic drainage massage.

The ongoing training and opportunity that I’m faced with every time our phone rings has been the best for my growth. I love getting calls on situations unknown to me, because is an opportunity to inquire, research and learn something new that can serve as a tool into the future. I’m grateful that I can serve the community with integrity, empathy and my best intentions. I may not have the best prices for everyone, but I can assure you that you will get the quality, the honesty and results your body is ready to deliver and be getting your money’s worth.

In my personal experience not only did massage help me get in touch with my body, but also with the essence of who I Am, and also discovering that getting touched with the right intentions, is so therapeutic! Eleven years into my career I discovered the advanced training of Lymphatic Drainage therapy with the instrument known as Lymphstar Pro, top of the line for a better and quicker results which mimics the function of the lymphatic system. After two treatments on my breasts I learned how to prevent the fibroids forming in my breasts due to lymph fluid congestion, along with lifestyle changes.

As we close 2019, and prepare for 2020, know that you’re set to embark with a clear vision 20/20, that the past experience was the culmination of correcting and making better choices for your personal self and attracting the best of you into your life. Make part of a better you with making sure your body, the temple where your divinity dwells is functioning to its top potential, and with that I mean , make sure your lymphatic system is free flowing, and your immune system has your back 24/7, 365 days! Visit us for information at, Lymphatic Massage of Florida.

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