Lymphatic Drainage after Dental Procedure
Lymphatic Enhancement Technology Dental Procedure

We pride ourselves on the results of our innovative treatments at our wellness center in Davie, Florida. Treatments discovered and personally experienced to later incorporate them to our menu of treatments.

Lymphatic Massage of Florida, provided our client the benefits of detoxifying her body, specifically her mouth, head and neck after a dental procedure she has undergone the day before.

MPS (Micro Point Stimulation) by Dolphin is known as a combination of e-stimulation and Acupunture for pain relief. It stimulates your the parasympathetic system to calm the body down, and down regulates the sympathetic system.

Scar Release Therapy using micro current point stimulation (MPS) can help release adhesions that create barriers and restore the flow of information and lymph flow throughout the body.

LET, Lymphatic Enhancement Technology stimulates the flow of the lymph fluids that die to lack of movement produces stagnation, pain and inflammation. LET us a system of electronic instrumentation that aids in improving micro circulation, general circulation, and helps with fluid management at the tissue level. It supports the manual lymphatic methods.

In this video we treated a client that had undergone a dental procedure the day before. This client came in before the procedure to boost immune system and move any stagnation that was holding toxins found in the mouth and gum line.

We highly recommend our clients, friends and family to consider having a Lymphatic Drainage treatment before and after any medical procedure.