Signs of Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is part of the body’s defense mechanism. It occurs when the immune system recognizes and removes harmful bacteria, pathogens, and other irritants, and initiates the healing process.

Believe it or not, some inflammation is actually beneficial to the body. This is called acute inflammation.

Signs of Chronic Inflammation (Click on link)

Chronic inflammation, it can last for prolonged periods of several months to years at a time.

10 signs of chronic inflammation:

  1. You’re Tired All the Time
  2. You Have Aches and Pains
  3. You Experience Excess Mucus Production
  4. You Have Skin Problems
  5. You Have Poor Digestion
  6. You’re Struggling with Brain Fog
  7. Headaches Are a Constant
  8. Your Face and Under-Eyes Are Puffy
  9. Your Lymph Nodes Are Swollen
  10. You Have Excess Belly Fat

We encourage to follow medical advice, follow clean diet and incorporate in your regimen lymphatic drainage therapy.
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