Pre Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Importance.

It is well known by now that lymphatic drainage massage is recommended after any surgery be it medically or esthetically elective. Providing the body with manual lymphatic drainage helps the body heal quicker and reduces swelling due to the lymph vessels cut and in some procedures are removed.

Lymph system location

The lymphatic system plays a key role in healing the body post-surgery. It is the body’s cleansing system. When you have surgery, your body is in fight mode. The lymph system supports that fight.

As it is known lymphatic drainage therapy is a great tool for preparing your body for surgery. It relaxes your cells and allows your body to let go of toxins.

The lymphatic drainage therapy helps your lymph system regenerate cells, filter out toxins, and strengthens your immune system. I highly recommend receiving at least 1-5 sessions per week, 1-2weeks leading up to your surgery. This gives your body enough time to relax and detoxify.

Keep in mind that hydrating your body before your surgery benefits your lymph system. Do not substitute teas, juice for water intake. It is recommended the amount of water to drink is half your weight in ounces.

Reducing the fats, salts and unhealthy food is highly recommended for your body to recuperate easily after your surgery.

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