Lymph Flow Facial -Davie,FL

In the quest to prevent early aging, women seek facials, plastic surgery or invasive facial treatments to prevent the signs of time on their face. Finding the right and legitimate treatment takes time and money among the sea of specialists and specialties.

Dermis Lymph Flow™

At our center, Lymphatic Massage of Florida we have taken our vast research and modalities and customized what we call Dermis Lymph Flow™. This facial applies micro current, followed by Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy and facial stimulation with specialized skincare products.

Stimulation of scars and lymph congestion under the skin is what helps the skin bounce back. By stimulating toxins that carries debris that makes the skin dull, and hang helps the facial skin brighten up and have better blood and lymph fluid circulation.

We recommend that before undergoing an invasive procedure, consider a cleansing treatment on your face that not only cleanses the dermis, but also stimulates under the skin.