Foot Reflexology Better Sleep

Now @lymphatic_massage_florida we are also providing #footreflexology for that deep, organ therapy. Can be an add on or full session. #footmassage #reflexologymassage #relaxation #improvesbloodflow #sleepbetter #bodypains #reduceswelling #massagetherapist

Post-liposuction Massage Arms

Post-liposuction Massage Arms

We recommend that if electing to have fat from your arms and sides remove with liposuction,to consider getting series of lymphatic drainage therapy afterwards. Essential tools for such treatment at, Lymphatic Massage of Florida, Lymphatic Drainage massage with the Lymphstar Pro Fusion, MPS Scar Release to reduce adhesions along with ..Continue Reading

What Are Different Types Of Massages Available?

In my more than 18 years as a licensed massage, I have been exposed and trained in different modalities, but the closest to my heart is deep effleurage, and for the last 14 years alongside is lymphatic Drainage therapy. Ever wonder which of the many types of massages advertised is ..Continue Reading