Body Reset

Technical Properties

Power output: 8,75-35 mW/diode (Max. output: 280 mW in Recover mode)
The intensity can be determined by the user.
Arteria radialis placement contains:
2 x Red laser diodes (660 nm)
2 x Infrared laser diodes (808 nm)
Arteria ulnaris placement contains:
1 x Yellow LED (590 nm)
1 x Green laser diode (505 nm)
2 x Blue laser diodes (450 nm)

"Low-Level-Laser Therapy surely is an incredibly powerful method to contribute to the promotion of health and quality of life."

Dr. Med. Dipl. Chem. Hans-Michael Weber

Recharge. Relax. Recover – Well-Being At The Touch Of A Button

The EndoLight® is our laser watch 2.0. It is completely equipped with true laser diodes. Only the yellow diode remains an LED. Another novelty of the EndoLight® is the addition of two powerful infrared diodes.  A therapy that you can bring into your home for you to use to address multiple health problems and conditions.

This is a device you can wear and carry with you, not tie down to an equipment.  The EndoLight®, is a wearable laser technology stimulates metabolic and healing properties beneath the skin. The LLLT is different from other forms of therapy in that it does not create a thermal response so there is no heating or risk of burns with the use of this device.

Each light color has its own set of specific benefits. There are also benefits found with a combination of multiple colors when used with the EndoLight® band.

Red light supports red blood cell function and production as well as encourages microcirculation.

Green light improves ATP production and increases oxygen delivery while blue light releases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide plays a crucial role in ant-aging and repairing damaged cells and tissue.

Yellow light has antioxidative effects as well as helps boost mood by increasing serotonin and vitamin D production.

General benefits of LLLT with the EndoLight® band include:

  • Increase in cellular energy by increasing ATP synthesis
  • Immune system stimulation
  • Improves microcirculation
  • Improves the function, behavior and cell elasticity of red blood cells
  • Increases oxygen delivery
  • Releases Nitric oxide
  • Reduces down blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammations
  • Pathogen deactivation
  • Detoxification
  • Improved mood
  • Pain relief

Recharge mode: Lacking in drive? The mode “Recharge” activates the infrared, red and green diodes and helps you get more energy

Relax mode: In search of inner balance? The yellow, the green and both blue diodes help you find more balance and relaxation in your daily routine.

Recover: Feeling uneasy? This mode activates all diodes and increases your well-being and overall daily performance.

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