Medical Protective Masks & Homemade Face Masks

As we prepare to reopen our lymphatic drainage wellness center in Davie, Florida, we are requesting for you to wear the proper mask, gloves, whatever makes you and our staff feel and stay safe and healthy.  We will continue to provide the appropriate treatment and request to limit one person at a time to come in to our office.  We will also be requesting you complete a screening form and disclaimer before we consider seeing you.  We appreciate you update us of your recent health conditions and your transparency is highly appreciated for the wellness of us and immediate family.

When used properly, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) acts as a barrier between infectious materials such as viral and bacterial contaminants and your skin, mouth, nose, or eyes (mucous membranes). The barrier has the potential to block transmission of contaminants from blood, body fluids, or respiratory secretions.

Washable Reversible Face Mask

Washable Reversible Face Mask

This mask is homemade, it has a filter to minimize exposure.  To wash it, please use soap and water and hang dry.  Do not machine wash.  These masks are not medical masks, not N95, not FDA approved. This mask is USA made.  Bringing this mask safely and effectively prevents dust, fine particles and pollen from the air from entering your nose and mouth.

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Disposable 3 Layer Surgical Mask

Disposable 3 Layer Surgical Mask

Disposable medical made of high-quality cotton and non-woven filter cloth, adopts 3-ply structure. The middle ply is made up from a melt-down BFE95 material to stop microbes and particulate substances. The inner ply made by ultrafine fiber is skin friendly and dam proof. And the Disposable Medical Face Mask owns FDA Certification and CE Certification.

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PPE means any device or appliance designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazards.

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Our diligent team is honored to serve as your trusted supplier for pharmaceutical and personal protection equipment (PPE) to help protect the health and safety of healthcare workers, first responders, essential employees, and thousands of others in the workforce. All of our products are certified. Corresponding certifications are conveniently provided at time of purchase.

We have a passion for providing products that solve everyday challenges and make your life easier. 

While the equipment is necessary for both public and personal health, and that is the shortage of supplies. 

PPE works as a barrier between an individual’s skin, mouth, nose, or eyes and viral and bacterial infections. 

PPE does not reduce the hazard nor does it guarantee permanent or total protection for the wearer. Simply having Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available is not enough. In order to ensure the required level of protection:

  • PPE should be selected considering the type of hazard and the degree of protection required.
  • PPE should be used in the presence of other workplace hazards.
  • Everyone wearing it must be trained in proper use and fit of the PPE.
  • If PPE is found to be defective, it should be discarded and replaced.

USA Made Face Masks - Clean Room Operations

This masks are perfect for your return to work plan. Ideal one-time use masks for general public areas and visiting businesses such as:

  •      Plastic Surgeon and dentist offices
  •      Health care providers
  •      Restaurants/Take-Out 
  •      Grocery store/Local Farmer's Market
  •      Hair and nail salons
  •      Churches
  •      Gym and training facilities
  •      Storefronts

This masks are compliant with current FDA Emergency Use.  In preparation to reopening businesses and going out to work, shop and run errands, we are expected to wear some kind of face cover. Since most of the PPE are scarce, we found a product that can still prevent the spread and provide you with a sense of protection.  We are here to provide affordable, sanitary, and effective protection to help slow, and eventually eliminate the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory/infectious diseases. 

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